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For more information on a specific program, click the corresponding logo beside the name of the program.

Beaver Scouts
Cub Scouts

Beavers Scouts are a group of youth aged 5-7 who will have fun and develop friendships while exploring the diverse world around them. The Beaver program emphasizes teamwork and learning by doing while encouraging self-confidence and personal development.

Cub Scouts are youth aged 8-10 who will experience more overnight camping and hone their skills developed in the Beaver Colony. The Cub Scout program focuses on six activity areas: The Natural World, Outdoors, Creative Expression, Healthy Living, Home and Community, and Canada and the World.

Scouts are youth aged 11-14 who will expand their leadership and planning skills, and give back to their community in a meaningful way. Strong emphasis is placed on having fun while encouraging Scouts to discover their unique capabilities, learn new skills, and be better prepared for future successes.

Rover Scouts
Venturer Scouts
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Venturer Scouts are youth aged 15-17 who are in charge of their own programming with the mentorship of their Scouters. Venturers work together to reach higher goals, create more challenging expeditions and work together to improve their skills. The Venturer program is preparing youth for the challenges that they will face in the world around them.

The 1st Blackburn Rover Crew, established in 2018, is a group of young adults ranging from 18-26 years old. The Rover program is all about creating fun and challenging expeditions in which Rovers take responsibility for themselves while still respecting the needs of others. Young adults are prepared for success in the world by developing their knowledge and skill set with the help and support of mentors.

Interested in joining as an Adult Scouter? Scouters provide support and mentorship to the youth. As the program is youth-led, Scouters provide encouragement and guidance using the Plan-Do-Review process, SPICES and program areas. The Scouting programs are not only enjoyable for the youth but for the Scouters as they get to learn and see themselves develop alongside the youth.

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