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The Venturer program helps youth to develop life skills to reach personal and team goals. Venturers plan and execute expeditions (longer trips where they gain real-world skills) to prepare them for success in the world around them.

Venturer program helps youth to gain:

  • Leadership skills;

  • Hands-on experience;

  • Global worldview;

  • Active and healthy living lifestyle.

The Venturer program is an opportunity for youth to plan, run and execute their own meetings, events and outings with occasional mentorship from Scouters who are familiar with the program. This program enables youth to work on skills that they have acquired as they have moved from the Beaver Scout program to the Venturer program. Teamwork, leadership, planning, and outdoor skills are just a few examples of lessons and skills that the youth will have learned which will enable them to be more self-aware and aware of those around them as they move forward into higher education and the workforce.

Venturer Promise:

 On my honour I promise that I will do my best,

to do my duty to God and the Queen,

to help other people at all times,

and to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law.

Venturer Law:

A Scout is helpful and trustworthy,

kind and cheerful, considerate and clean,

wise in the use of all resources.


Venturer Motto:


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