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The Cub program is about expanding and developing personal skills including social skills, intellectual skills, emotional and spiritual awareness. The Cub program is perfect for youth to gather with old and new friends, enhance their teamwork skills and build self-confidence.

The Cub program promotes activities that encourages youth to plan and take part in:

  • Challenging hikes, weekend camps and outdoor activities;

  • Water activities like canoeing and kayaking;

  • Games and sports;

  • Model-building;

  • Music, storytelling and play-acting.

The Cub program focuses on six activity areas: Environment & Outdoors, Leadership, Active & Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression and Beliefs & Values. Cubs take part in activities at a higher difficulty than in the Beaver program such as hikes, weekend camps, canoeing and kayaking, and so many more. Cubs meet in a group called a Pack. Each Cub learns a promise, law and motto to help guide their personal development.

Cub Promise:

I promise to do my best,

To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Queen;

To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,

And to do a good turn for somebody every day.

Cub Law:

The Cub respects the Old Wolf,

The Cub respects himself/herself.

Cub Motto:

Do Your Best.

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