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Camps & Events

We frequently get asked by parents when camps and events occur throughout the year.  This is our current best guess about camps and timing (and approximate cost) based on what Troops of yesteryear have chosen.  

Keep in mind, though, our activities are largely planned by the Scouts so this list may change!  

Keep an eye on the calendar on the home page and the Troop schedule on the Scouts page for up-to-the-minute information.

 Event Date Description            Approx Cost
 World Brotherhood Camporee Last weekend of Sep In the US in even years, Canada in odd, it's a gathering of Troops from Eastern Ontario and the northeastern US.  Typically open to returning Scouts.         $50
 BP Skills/Medic Alert Mid October An area camp where Scouts are taught skills such as knives, axes, fire lighting, stove and lantern work.  Older Scouts can take leadership and first aid. $55
 Venturer Cabin Mid November A skills camp where Scouts can test for their permits. $50
 Sub Zero Last weekend in January Scouts make their own shelters (lean-tos, quinzhees) and sleep in them. $50
 Rideau Challenge 2nd weekend in May Scouts hike along the Rideau Trail.  Depending on their year, they hike for the day, hike and then camp overnight with leaders or hike and camp all on their own. $30-$35
 Group Camp  End of May Typically held at Camp Opemikon, our group camp gets all of the Scouting and Guiding sections in Blackburn together. $50
 Area Year End Camp Mid June This camp brings together groups from all over the Odawa area and is held at Apple Hill.