The Canadian Path is a balanced program that serves Scouts Canada’s mission to develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

Whether you're a Scouter, Leader, a Scout or a parent, ScoutsTracker can help you navigate your way through the Scouts Canada Program.                  

Its intuitive interface is available from any browser, and gives you "anywhere, anytime" access to your records.

Benefits to Youth:
Want to find out how you're doing?
Need to search for all the badges that involve community service?
Curious about the dates of that last camp?
Heard that Scouts Canada has announced a new badge?

ScoutsTracker lets you do all of these things!
Your Pack Scouters have given you login information (using the email address you provided at registration) where you can see your own records. Your records are automatically updated whenever the Pack Scouters add events or mark requirements as complete in a meeting or at a camp. also runs on mobile browsers, like you might find on an iPhone or iPod Touch (3rd generation, or higher).

Outdoor Adventure Skills and Personal Achievement badges FAQ

1.  Which badges can I work on?

You can work on any Outdoor Adventure Skills or Personal Achievement badge you like.

2.  When I'm finished the requirements for an stage, how do I get a badge?

You can sign up in the "badge testing book" on the leader table at the beginning of every meeting, and a leader will meet with you to test that you've completed all of the requirements.  You'll be presented with your badge at the meeting.  (We do try to get through everybody who signs up, but that's not possible every night.  Don't worry though -- we'll get to your badge test as soon as we can!)

3.  How do I know what I need to do to earn a Personal Achievement badge ?
All of the Personal Achievement badge requirements are in Scoutstracker. The Outdoor Adventure Skills requirements can be viewed on the Scouts Canada Website.
4.  Where on the uniform does one place all those fancy badges?
        Click HERE to see the uniform diagram